Twelve years ago, I had my first psychedelic experience and my life changed in a way I could never have anticipated.

During that memorable journey, I became aware of and felt exhausted by the many masks I would wear to be accepted by others. I realized there were dozens of different personas that I was trying to operate depending on who I was around, and keeping track of them was a massive drain on my energy.

When I took off those masks and started listening to my inner vibration, my life started changing. I stopped worrying if friends would judge me for choosing to live in integrity with my authentic self. I started looking people in the eye and caring about them. I started creating events and creating art. As my outer life transformed, my depression and loneliness disappeared.

That one journey changed me from being a skeptical atheist to feeling within me a presence of deep spiritual love. I learned later that the ancient Greeks called this kind of love “Agape.”

That year I also developed a passion for sharing the gifts of plant teachers to people in my community.  After several years of learning and growing, I formed Agape Ayahuasca Sanctuary to play a part in bringing the opportunity of  mystical experiences via our sacraments in a safe and loving container to anyone being called to it.

Every individual deserves the right to explore their consciousness and experience divinity through our plant teachers. I believe this idea could change humanity in a fundamental and profound way.

With love,
Eddie Bartlett

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