Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can join?

A. All are welcome to our public gatherings.  Most people with sincere spiritual intent are eligible for our sacrament retreats.  If you aren’t sure if you can participate in our retreats,  look at our Medical Guidelines pages on our website.  Nearly 100% are medically eligible for our Magic Mushroom retreats.  Certain medications and medical conditions are not compatible with Ayahuasca.

Q. What is the cost of a public retreat?

A. The spiritual investment varies depending on the location, maximum number of participants, and sacraments being offered.  Our Ayahuasca and Mushroom retreats can range between $1000 – $2000 and our Bufo Alvarius (5meo-dmt) retreats range between $400 – $1000. To know the exact cost, please sign up for our email list where prices are announced for each retreat.

Q. When is the next retreat?

A. We look to do retreats every month or so.  They are announced through our email list. You can sign up for it here.

Q. How many people would I be in ceremony with?

A. Currently we’re serving a maximum of 25 people per ceremony.

Q: Can I book a private ceremony?

A: Yes! You can find more information about our private ceremonies here.

Q: Which sacrament is right for me?

A: If you’ve done your research and you’re called to one of our sacraments, then sign up for our email list to receive ceremony invitations. If you are not sure and have no experience with psychedelics then we usually recommend our Magic Mushroom retreats. For further inquiry, join one of our weekly Q&A sessions or email us at

Q: Where are your retreats located?

A: The location of our retreats varies depending on the season, group size, and the particular experience we are crafting. All of our retreats are in the USA within a 2 hour radius of San Diego. The details are emailed to those on our email list. Sign up here.

Q. Is this a church/religion?

A. Our approach does not require you to convert or have faith of any kind.  Faith can be an impediment to understanding.  Our approach is to facilitate direct mystical experiences so that people can come to their own conclusions.

Q. Is Agape related to any form of Christianity?

A. No. The word was used in the Bible, but the word “Agape” comes from ancient Greek, meaning “spiritual love”, or “unconditional love”.

Q. Will I have a “bad trip”?

A. With proper preparation, integration, and understanding how our Sacraments work, you will see there’s no such thing as a bad trip.  Difficult and challenging experiences can be a part of the deep psychedelic journey.  We all have skeletons in our psycho-spiritual closets, whether it’s fear, insecurities, our shadow, or repressed memories.  Our approach isn’t to try to avoid a challenging experience, but rather to lean into them, since this is where the real productive work occurs.  Can you face your demons with curiosity and love?  Can you stand at your edge of your comfort zone with strength and courage?  Everybody loves experiencing bliss, but by going through challenges we can develop the tools to live a more integrated and empowered life in the real world  We’ve got your back, just breathe.

Q. What does it mean that your ceremonies are “non-shamanic”?

A. A shaman is generally considered a healer or an initiate of a lineage.  We are not healers or following any one particular lineage.  Our philosophy is that the only healer is you, through proper integration of what you learned in your journey.  We also do not follow any one particular lineage or tradition in choosing how we lead ceremony.  Our ceremonies are guided by icaros, music, and prayers

Q: Can your sacraments help me with my disease or medical condition.

A: We don’t give medical advice.  As evidenced by high quality research, our spiritual sacraments in the right setting can be very powerful healing tools.  This is because much spiritual dis-ease manifests also as physical dis-ease.  When spiritual dis-ease is discovered and addressed, many transformations happen downstream.

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