Our practice is centered around the plant teacher Ayahuasca as our central sacrament.

We believe that:

Everyone deserves the opportunity to come to their own foundational and spiritual understandings through our Sacraments if they are ready.

The teacher is the Sacrament. The role of our spiritual community is to hold a safe and loving container that is supportive to everyone’s direct experience.

The healer is Dr. YOU. As you become empowered to self-heal, and adjust your habits, YOU become the medicine.

Personal empowerment is an important virtue. It is about taking full responsibility for your own well-being by willfully choosing what you believe is best for you.

There are subtle dimensions, vibrations, and concurrent realities within us. Our Sacraments facilitate connection to them.

Each of our Sacraments play a unique and essential role in helping people experience a different layer of consciousness and enjoy the expanded perspective and wisdom that results.

Love is the key to everything.

Beliefs can evolve.

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