Our Sacraments


Ayahuasca is central to our spiritual practice because it brings us through the third eye chakra, the eye of the soul, to teach us who we are, how we belong, and what we need in order to live happier and more fulfilled lives.  Metaphorically speaking, Ayahuasca is like divine blood.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms bring us through our heart chackra to experience this portal of our reality.  Through this journey, we can better understand and integrate deep spiritual lessons by helping us bridge the gap between our divine selves and our human selves.  Metaphorically speaking, mushrooms are the body of the divine.

5-MEO Bufo

5-MEO (Bufo) brings us through our crown chakra to experience ourselves on a level that encompasses all other levels including the spirit.  Bufo peels all the obstructing layers away to let us glimpse ultimate truth. Metaphorically speaking, Bufo is divine breath.

Who We Are

We are a small and dedicated team of musicians, entheogenic facilitators, ayahuasqueros, and integration coaches. We are not shamans or healers. Rather, we are supporters and mentors for your own journey. Everybody on this side of the fire at Agape cares about you. For us, Agape is soul work that we always strive to do with utmost compassion and integrity.

Why We Do It

“Pachamama’s Prescription”
Our sacraments are a powerful catalyst of healing and growth, and we believe it has the potential to benefit humanity at a deep foundational level. We find enjoyment and satisfaction in doing this work.

How We’re Different

There are many different contexts in which our sacraments can be used as a catalyst for understanding, healing, and growth. The traditional approach is centered around a Shaman who uses shamanic tools to heal you. Our approach is to empower YOU (yes, the strong and amazing you) to heal yourself. We believe it’s better to come to your own understanding of what’s beneath the surface and affecting your life, then acting on that understanding.  Our work is to prepare you, provide a safe and loving container, and then support you in integrating. But in the end, when it comes to healing and growth, the real work will be done by you.


Statement Of Beliefs

A Safe Place



Medical Guidelines

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